Why is it So Hard to be a Human Being?

There are days when I wish I wasn't an Empath.
I wish I wasn't a Highly Sensitive Person.
I wish I was someone who didn't care what others think of me.
I wish I stood up for myself more often.
I wish I had the conviction to ask.
I wish that I wasn't afraid of being judged when I speak my mind.
I wish I had the courage to dream bigger.
I wish I didn't have the urge to run away when things get tough.
julie boyer wake up with gratitude
I wish I was a better leader.
I wish my clothes weren't so tight.
I wish I didn't have to do more personal development in order to grow.
I wish I was a better mom, wife, sister, daughter.
I wish I didn't need the validation for my art.
I wish I fit in.
I wish I didn't get jealous.
I wish it wasn't important to me to get likes and comments.
I wish I knew in my heart that I'm already enough.
I wish I loved everyone unconditionally.
Truth is, I'm a human being with lots of feelings, that are right at the surface. Some days are tougher than others. I know that the tough days are the windows into growth and change. That doesn't mean I don't get hurt or upset. And I also know that tomorrow is another day and this too shall pass.
This December is going to be a month of change. I feel like I'm heading into my cocoon. I'll be spending time reflecting on the year that has passed and what I really want to create in 2021. We shall see what emerges in the New Year. 

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  • Please do no not self doubt.
    You are so much more “than enough”!

    I so get what your share.
    Maybe that is why we met…. 🤔


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