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What are your thoughts when you first wake up?

Where's the snooze button?
Ugh, my inbox is full again!
Why didn't my post get more likes?
What am I going to do with the kids all day?
Did I pay that bill?
I'm tired of waking up tired.

Years ago, I survived a life-threatening bacterial infection following a miscarriage. Imagine waking up after being in a week-long medically induced coma. Your muscles have weakened and you have trouble walking on your own. The simplest tasks such as brushing your teeth or going pee take an enormous effort. And yet, you're grateful to be alive and you know that eventually, you'll heal.

Today, I choose to wake up with gratitude. Some mornings are tougher than others, but after almost losing my life years ago, I always find a way to start my day with gratitude.

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