Where is Our Gratitude Now?

Where is Our Gratitude Now?

In April 2020 I shared a post called a Tsunami of Gratitude. I wonder, where is our gratitude now?

There has never been a time such as this in our lifetime.

Our Facebook feed used to be full of thankful memes, now it's filled with misinformation and disinformation, designed to divide us.

Our homemade hearts that filled our windows have long since faded.

Car parades to help our kids celebrate their birthday have been replaced with funeral processions.

And at 7 o'clock in the evening around the world, no one is making noise to honour our health care workers anymore.

Instead of sharing our gratitude for the tireless work our health care workers have done over the past 18 months, some choose to protest outside their walls.

Instead of giving thanks to the world-wide teams of scientists and researchers that brought us safe and effective life-saving vaccines, many chose to opt out and use unproven livestock medicine.

Instead of thanking our teachers for supporting our kids during their toughest year ever, some are berating them for wanting to keep our kids (and themselves) safe by wearing a mask indoors.

Instead of being patient and kind with a minimum-wage retail employee, many choose to disobey public health orders and refuse to wear a mask.

Instead of offering our condolences when someone loses their life to COVID-19, some will ask about their previous underlying conditions.

Instead of following the guidance of epidemiologists and public health officers, some accuse them of taking away their rights.

Instead of protecting those who are immunocompromised & too young to get a vaccine, many are choosing to say no.

Instead of choosing to do what is for the good of the many, some are choosing to be selfish.

It took a global pandemic for us to share our gratitude. I have dreamed of a world where we all choose to wake up with gratitude. These days, we are choosing gratitude less and less often. My prayer is that we are able to get through this without more tragic loss of life. My hope is that when we look back at the COVID-19 pandemic that we remember the tsunami of gratitude from those first few months and not this divide that is getting wider every day.

Please consider getting fully vaccinated.

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