Sunrise Splashes to Start Your Day

Sitting in my garden at 8 am, I already feel a sense of fulfillment as if I've experienced a complete day. The clear skies and warm sunshine warms my feet, following a refreshing morning swim with a friend. I've sorted through the photos I captured earlier and chosen my favorite to share with you.

Having risen shortly after 4 am, I was greeted by the radiant glow of the waxing moon outside my window. Hearing the wind whistling through the trees, I decided it would be wise to don my puffy vest, despite the temperature registering at 16°C. I also kept my emergency toque in the trunk, just in case.

Instead of turning back at the gate, I mustered the courage to face the gusting winds at Piper's Lagoon. With wind speeds surpassing 40 km/h, I secured my hoodie tightly over my toque, shielding myself from the brunt of the wind's force. Making my way along the shore, I met up with a fellow sunrise enthusiast, and we enjoyed each other's company as we strolled together.

As the sun gracefully ascended in a cloudless sky, I positioned myself on the rocky outcrop at the end of the beach. Taking care to settle into a comfortable spot that would spare my knee from any potential discomfort, I eagerly anticipated capturing the crashing waves. It's a pursuit that endlessly captivates me—the quest for that perfect moment to press the shutter button and 'catch a wave'.

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