Sunrise Chronicles: Capturing the Magic of Piper's Lagoon

As I opened my car door, the deep pink streaks in the sky caught my gaze. It had been ages since the pre-dawn sky was visible from home, and excitement surged within me as I drove away. Navigating the bustling streets, well past 7:15 am, I slowed down, reminding myself that I had ample time relish the unfolding colors, and safely made it to Piper's Lagoon.

Pink clouds at dawn over the ocean

Arriving at the beach, my breath caught when I saw the horizon—an opening in the clouds painted the mountains in deep orange, while those above tinted pink. Using my tripod to steady my phone, I captured the magical transition from dawn to twilight.

Orange horizon and pink clouds over the ocean at dawn

Kneeling by a log, I snapped photo after photo, trying to capture the beauty unfolding before me. Knowing I couldn't fully translate it through my lens, I paused in gratitude, etching the images into my heart.

Splashes behind a large piece of driftwood at twilight

Walking along the path above the beach, I encountered several naked trees, their leaves stripped by fall winds. Framed by delicate rosy clouds, I savored the scene.

Two trees with no leaves and the sunrise sky behind them

As dawn's light waned, vibrant shades of yellow and orange illuminated the clouds above Gabriola Island. Zooming in, I could see the coastal mountains' outline glowing in the light.

Coastal mountains framed by orange dawn light

Hastening my steps, I headed up the beach to capture my favorite arbutus tree standing majestically against the magenta-hued sky—an eternal subject for my lens.

Arbutus tree at Piper's Lagoon in purple sky

My sunrise dipping and photography buddy caught up, and we hugged, grateful for witnessing this sunrise together. Finding an open spot on the beach proved tricky, but we maneuvered between logs, and I nestled behind a favorite piece of driftwood for a different perspective.

Driftwood frame of the sunrise

As sunrise time approached, the sky continued its transformation. The earlier pink and purples morphed into vibrant oranges and yellows, illuminating the water and sky. The cloud textures resembled layers of brushstrokes on a canvas, creating a stunning painting.


It was a 'pinch yourself' morning, seared into my memory. Though the sun remained elusive, our morning dip unfolded under gray skies and a cold breeze. Driving away, I marveled at the incredible luck of living here to witness such beauty.

Dark orange sky at sunrise

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  • I’m glad I got to see it and wish I didn’t love my bed so much lol.


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