Sunrise Birthday Celebration at the Beach

On the occasion of a birthday celebration, it has become a tradition for our group of dipping enthusiasts to mark each other's special day with a sunrise dip.

I was tempted to remain snug in bed when I felt the coolness of the dawn air through my window, but the thought of a beach birthday gathering encouraged me out of bed. Driving to Piper's Lagoon, I noticed the trees bending and swaying vigorously in the wind and the presence of white caps on the ocean. Turning the car around at the gate, I retraced my steps and sought the sheltered shores of Departure Bay beach. As luck would have it, I caught a glimpse of the full moon setting gracefully above Mount Benson during my return drive. Safely pulling over, I crossed the road to capture a few photographs of this awe-inspiring sight.

Upon arriving at the beach, gusts of wind continued to sweep across the water, but fortunately, no white caps were visible.The birthday girl arrived and we walked quietly along the beach to watch the sunrise. Not long after, her family joined us, as well as another fellow dipper joined our group, adding to the festive atmosphere. Donning amusing hats, we ventured into the water for a refreshing swim. The early morning's golden light reflected off the shimmering surface as we leisurely made our way to the raft and back. We gathered for a few moments, warming ourselves in the sun and sending the birthday girl off to enjoy her special day.

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