How Does Self-Love Change Our Perspective?

What comes to mind when you think about daily self-love practices? Are there strategies that you have when you're overwhelmed or feeling down? Last week, I started a new project called 30 Days of Self-Love. It's a personal journey towards a lifetime of self-love. I've been doing really amazing interviews with women and men who are practicing self-love in some many different ways, in their own lives and with their clients or community.

Why did I choose to start this project?

I've been struggling with a lot of different emotions and challenges over the last few years since I moved from Ontario to BC. The strategies that I have used in the past for self-care and self-love weren't working as they used to. I knew that in order for things to change in my life, I'd have to learn to think differently and give myself a break! I am definitely my own harshest critic and have very high expectations for who I am, how I act and what I'm creating.

At 43 years old, I'm realizing that this pressure and lack of self-love is no longer serving me. And what do I do when I want to learn something new? I ask for help.
Mom and daughter selfie
A few days ago, there was a break in the rain. I quickly headed to the beach with my daughter and our dog. This is a self-love practice for me. Often I prefer to head to the beach alone, but for the next few weeks that's not really an option. I had been feeling a wave of emotions, which meant that the beach was a priority - whether I had company or not.

Here's what I've been struggling with. I've been in business for almost 14 years...and every year I say to myself this is the year I'm going to break through to the NEXT level! And....truthfully over the past few years that hasn't been the case. I can visualize myself on the edge of the cliff, ready to fly or fall .......

Yet I'm not taking any action either way. Two very smart people in my life asked me what do I have to let go of in order to fly?

Letting go and taking action is an act of self-love. It's about knowing what I want and leaning into it! And it's also really scary at the same time. What I've learned so far during this project is that there are so many beautiful ways to experience self-love. And we all have to find the ways that work for us!

I want to thank my friend Russ for our interview this morning. He reminded me that being of service to others, without any other agenda, can also be a beautiful act of self-love. 

Want to follow along with this project?

The interviews are posted on Facebook and you can follow along on my page.

I would love to hear from you. What does self-love mean for you? Do you find it hard to find the time for self-love? 

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