Making the Most of Every Morning

Our morning routines are what sets the tone for the day. Choosing a few non-negotiable actions that you do each morning can have a huge positive impact on your day. Getting up and watching the sunrise seems glamorous, but it isn't always that great. That's why I have weaved my morning practice into my time at the beach - no matter the sun, clouds, wind or rain.

There are many things I do to make sure I'm going out at the right time in the right place for the sunrise each day. I checked the local weather reports to see what the skies will look like in the morning, I also check the expected temperature so that I'm dressed appropriately. Sunrise photography can be very very cold!

Strangely, I don't usually have to set an alarm. Even though the sun is rising earlier and earlier, my body seems to know what time to wake up in order to catch the rising sun. Many times it doesn't work out. It's true that there are many gorgeous stunning moments that take your breath away, but the reality is there are far more mornings when you end up with cloudy skies and barely any sunlight peeking through.

sunrise with a feather

No matter what the clouds or sunlight brings, I always choose to take a few minutes for gratitude and meditation. The bonus of the cloudy day is that I spend more time in meditation.

My gratitude practice involves my mantra: Thank you for this gift of another the day and the opportunity to be of service to others. I repeat this often as I walk along the beach or sit on the driftwood. You can do the same when you first wake up in the morning.

I've kept my meditation practice simple. I love doing a Ho’oponopono prayer over and over again, starting with visualizing my own face, and then visualizing others in my life. This link will help you to learn what this practice is (it's very simple!).

Today I encourage you to check in on your morning practice to see if you can include gratitude in the first few minutes of your day. You and I both know that your day will start on the right foot by choosing to Wake Up With Gratitude.

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