Is Failure An Option?

I posted this on Facebook this morning with my sunrise post:
Over the last few months, I've failed at several new business ventures. And it doesn't feel that good. I'm being super careful to focus on the failure of the projects as opposed to thinking that I AM a failure. Dangerous words. I'm curious if when you fail at something, how do you frame it?
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Wow. I was completely surprised at the amount of comments I received! Seems like using the word failure is a trigger, perhaps even a word that has a negative connotation. I chose this word intentionally, as it had been swirling around in my brain for the past few weeks.

Failure has three different definitions according to Google:

  1. lack of success
  2. omission of expected or required action
  3. the action or state of not functioning
At this moment, I feel like there is a lack of success in two new business ventures I launched since March.

There are so many ways to frame this experience besides choosing the word failure. Some excellent suggestions from my friends include:

  • turning lemons into lemonade
  • they are experiences that lead us where we are meant to be
  • we can be grateful for them, and see them as blessings in hindsight
  • growth moments
  • learning new skills
  • taking risks
  • planting seeds that are not ready for harvest
  • a reminder of the bigger picture, we are breathing and alive!
What I know to be true is that I have had other business successes since March. And many successes in my personal life as well. Yet, like so many people, I chose to focus on what wasn't working, instead of what is.

Time to take my own advice and create a different story. Here are some of the strategies I'm using to shape a better tomorrow:

  1. Be kind. To myself first. And also to those around me.
  2. Start my day with things that bring me joy. For example, this gratitude video.
  3. Create a list of my successes since January of this year (thanks for the idea Laura & Betsy).
  4. Move every day. Outside.
  5. Let go of failure. Choose a different perspective, any one of the above suggestions would be great.
  6. Gratitude. Above all else, keep this sacred practice going. Continue to go deeper and find gratitude in the smaller moments of the day.
I am not failure, this I know to be true. And when I feel like I have failed again, which is a guarantee in business, I'll remember what I learned today. Thank you for all your amazing comments and support. It was never the intention of the post. Looking back at what I wrote, it was raw and painful emotion that I shared in public. I am truly grateful that you chose to lift me up.
Should you find yourself in a similar situation or time in your life, let's connect. Together we can work through these challenges. Let's create an exciting and powerful future. And above all else, have faith in this:
This too shall pass.

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