How Do You Describe an Enchanting Sunrise?

Describing the enchanting scene I witnessed at dawn has proven to be one of the more challenging pieces of writing I've tackled in recent times. As I pulled into the Piper's Lagoon parking lot just past 6 am, a few cars were already scattered about. The morning held an air of something extraordinary, urging me to hasten toward the water's edge, where I stood alone on the beach. A gentle breeze whispered through my hair, prompting me to pull up my hood to ward off the morning chill that nipped at the back of my neck. It was an unusual amalgamation of clouds and forest fire smoke that adorned the horizon, a sight unlike any I had ever beheld.

Smokey Sunrise in Nanaimo

Stretching across the heavens, a canvas of colors unfurled, running from north to east, layered like a celestial cake poised above the mountains. There were delicate hues of apricot and fiery oranges, reminiscent of faint flames reaching into the greenish-blue expanse, followed by a deep crimson and pink sky adorned with streaks of gray clouds. It felt as though my eyes were playing tricks on me, and my camera struggled just as much to capture this breathtaking vista.

Smokey sky above the coastal mountains

As the kaleidoscope of colors gradually faded, a few lingering clouds above the mountains retained a reddish tinge, akin to campfire smoke swirling through the air. With the assistance of a few friends, we rolled a substantial piece of driftwood to the water's edge and nestled in, ready to capture the sunrise's watery splendor. To our delight, the rising sun assumed a hue more orange than red, its brilliance filtered by a delicate veil of haze, making it easier to sidestep lens flare. The confluence of tide timing, a brisk breeze, and the sunrise bestowed upon us a treasure trove of phenomenal photographs.

Sunrise splashes in Nanaimo

Eager to extend this extraordinary morning, we ventured into the waves, our trusty pool noodles wrapped around us, allowing us to bob with the rhythm of the sea, akin to content sea otters. All that was lacking were clams and rocks in our hands. I let myself drift a little away from the group, savoring a few quiet moments of gratitude for the awe-inspiring spectacle I had been fortunate to witness at daybreak.

Bright sunrise splashes

While my life may not be overflowing with vacations, grand journeys, or the thrill of commanding the stage before thousands of spectators anymore, I have found peace with the way my path has unfolded. My long-standing dream of touching the lives of millions through my work in gratitude persists, and perhaps this twist in my journey is precisely the course I need to traverse.

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  • Stunning photos today, Julie. My morning was this morning as Frankie was like a teenager today as he went right back to bed after eating so he didn’t want to go for his daily early morning walk with me. I seized the opportunity and headed to Goose Spit Park to await the sunrise which was very late this morning because of cloud cover. I did however get a few great reflection shots of the glow of the sunshine on the water. I also started this morning with 5 racoons welcoming me to the park as they ran up from the water onto the road right in front of me and decided to play long enough for me to grab my phone and snap a few through the windshield. It was like they were putting on a quick little show before allowing me to proceed any further. What a Blessed day to start off with.

    Keith Hill

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