Have You Seen a Rainbow Around the Sunrise?

We've entered the peak sunrise time, where the sun won't rise any earlier than 5:11 AM until about a week after Solstice. Stepping into my carport this morning, I detected a faint campfire scent in the air. The strong northerly wind served as a reminder of the nearby forest fire near Cameron Lake.Rainbow halo around the sunrise

Beginning my day at Piper's Lagoon, I parked by the gate and gathered my puffy vest and a warm beverage. The wind gave me a chill as I crossed the parking lot. The sky held promise, adorned with pink clouds above the lagoon. Seeking some respite from the wind, I made my way to the rocky peninsula.

Navigating the rocks with care, I settled near the shore and took cover behind a large rock, where the crashing waves provided an exciting backdrop. While awaiting the sunrise, I noticed something peculiar. The horizon above the coastal mountains seemed to emit a radiant glow, resembling a rainbow.

Intrigued by this phenomenon, I zoomed in and observed multiple 'rainbow bands' arcing over the mountains. I had witnessed a similar occurrence in winter, attributed to ice crystals. However, with the temperature already at 18°C, I knew it was something different.

As the sun ascended, the enigmatic glow intensified until our star emerged above the mountains. The rainbow halo grew more vibrant, and I did my best to capture its essence. Curious about what I'd seen, I consulted ChatGPT upon my return home and learned that it might have been caused by smoke particles in the air. It was unlike any smoky sunrise I had witnessed before.

Have you ever encountered rainbow bands like these?

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