Give Up? Or Dig Deeper?

It's almost been a year since we moved to Vancouver Island. And it's been the most challenging year in my business yet. The truth is, I thought about giving up more than once over the past 12 months.

So why did I choose to dig deeper instead?

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Over 13 years ago, I dropped out if school to leap into my USANA business full time. I had just moved back to Canada from being away for 2 years. I was divorced and living back at home with my parents. It wasn't the easiest way to start a business. I cashed in some savings, worked a few part time jobs and in about 18 months, had created enough income from my business to move out on my own. I spent the first decade of my business in the Burlington, Ontario area, building a team and serving my clients.

Our family had a dream of moving to British Columbia (BC) to be closer to my sister and my parents (who had all moved there!). We made it happen and sold our home in Burlington to live in Langley BC in December of 2017. Our dreams and our reality didn't align, so when we were given the opportunity to move to Vancouver Island with my parents only 10 months later, we said yes.

Moving twice in 10 months is a lot. Plus buying and selling 2 homes. With a renovation on our current home. Add in homeschooling our daughter. With a dash of sharing a home with my parents, topped with building a brand new community.

It's been way more difficult than I ever imagined to rebuild my business and community here on the Island.

There were moments, many of them, when I wanted to give up. Then I would think about my team back east. And all of the amazing things they were doing. I knew that they weren't going to give up. That fueled me to keep going.

Then I started to invest in myself and my business more. I took an online course called the Knowledge Business Broker and I hired a financial coach. I began rebuilding and creating new relationships.

I also focused on a deeper gratitude practice. I spent more time giving thanks for the repeat business I already had instead of being frustrated that things weren't growing as quickly as I wanted them to.

I shifted my attitude to how CAN I do this. I earned my way into a Gary Vaynerchuk Masterclass. I was asked to speak at our Convention. Which has lead to more speaking engagements with USANA and other events this fall. 

And I'm in. Both feet. 100%. Digging deeper than I ever have before. Knowing in my heart that I'm in the right place, at the right time, with the right company and in time, attracting the community that will grow with me.

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  • Thanks for sharing ! I believe in you and this Company. I felt the same way at times as well to not move forward in this Company. It was painful to do and not to this business. This is the year I committed to grow out of my comfort zone and do this business. I feel very grateful for all the support too.

    Saireen Neilsen

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