Full Strawberry Moon Rising June 2023

It's usually an easy choice to decide between watching the sunrise or the sunset, except for one exceptional event I adore: witnessing the sunset followed by the rise of the full moon. This combination is surprisingly rare due to frequent overcast skies and the elusive nature of the moon.

To make the evening even more special, I invited two friends who enjoy ocean dips, along with their husbands, to join my husband and me at Neck Point Park. We headed towards Sunset Cove, a beach located at the far end of the park. Along the hike above the cove, we were treated to the enchanting golden hour, that time when everything is bathed in a warm, golden hue, approximately 30 minutes before sunset.

As we walked back towards the parking lot, the horizon behind us glowed with a red tinge, and we eagerly scanned the skies for the moon's appearance. Approaching the boat launch, we caught a glimpse of a massive orange strawberry moon rising above Gabriola Island. It was a fortunate sight as low clouds caused it to vanish mere minutes after it had risen.

Of course, our evening wouldn't have been complete without indulging in an ocean swim. We slipped into the cool, calm water in the bay near the parking area, even though the moon remained hidden from view. After some time, feeling a bit chilled, we made our way back to shore. Then, in a serendipitous moment, the full moon emerged from behind the clouds. My friends joyfully returned to the water, relishing the opportunity to swim in the moonlight, while I chose to warm up on the shore. It was the perfect conclusion to an unconventional triple date night.

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