Embracing the Gift of Another Day with a Sunrise Swim

I thought I could indulge in some extra sleep. With that intention, I turned off my alarm and nestled into bed by 9 PM. However, my body had other plans, and I found myself awake before 5 AM. The sky was clear once again, but the irresistible pull of the water compelled me to make my way to the beach.

The winds were milder compared to the past few days, but the horizon revealed the telltale signs of an uncontrollable forest fire to the north. I pressed on towards Piper's Lagoon, determined to take a swim there for the first time since the weekend.

Red sunrise with a wave crashing in front

The air felt cooler than expected, although the dashboard displayed 18°C, the wind had its own agenda. Arriving just moments before the sunrise, I witnessed a faint red glow that foreshadowed the imminent beauty. Mindful of my knee's well-being, I settled comfortably on the rocks near the water's edge. Inverting my camera, I delighted in capturing the crashing waves against the backdrop of the vibrant sunrise.

Noticing the time, I decided to take a swim, relishing in the playful embrace of the waves while chatting with a friend. Our lives, much like my camera, have been turned upside down, and I needed to be back home by 6 AM. Grateful for the invigorating swim beneath the sunrise, I drove away with a joy-filled smile, ready to embrace the gift of another day.

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