Don't Judge Me

Don't judge me because I only have one child, you don't know I've had two miscarriages.

Don't judge me because my pants are too snug, you don't realize how much I want them to fit well.

Don't judge me because I homeschool, you don't know about the trauma we went through before making this decision.

woman reading with her daughter and dogDon't judge me because I choose network marketing as my career, you don't know how much hard work it's taken me to make it my profession.

Don't judge me because I seem ungrateful, you don't know how hard it is to live up to being a gratitude guru.

Don't judge me by my salt n pepper hair, you have no idea how old I am or why I chose not to dye my hair.

Don't judge me when I defend my child, you don't know how different she is than most kids.

Don't judge me for the amount of time I allow my kid to play Minecraft, you don't know how passionate she is about it and how much she learns while playing.

Don't judge me for trying to balance working from home and homeschooling, you have no idea how hard I'm trying.

Don't judge me for not eating gluten or meat, you don't know how much easier things would be if I didn't have dietary restrictions.

Don't judge me.

God knows I'm doing my absolute BEST every day.

I'm not judging you either. Because I KNOW you're doing your best every day too. I love you.❤❤❤

I promise to stop judging myself too.....there's a good chance the one who is the MOST judgmental is .... ME.

I shared this on social media a few days ago and it really resonated with so many of you. We know that most people aren't worrying about what we're doing or judging our actions. Truth is, most of us are being far more judgmental about our OWN choices, than what others are doing.

This is especially true when we do things that are different from societal norms. A friend shared with me this weekend that she felt like she was being judged by family because she's choosing to put her kids in day care a couple of days a week! Mama, this is me, cheering you on for making a DECISION that's best for YOU and YOUR family. And I'm proud of you for choosing your mental health and well-being over living up to some invisible standard of what a stay-at-home parent should be.

My friend Kelly shared this in the comment on my post:

I've promised my self that for every negative thing I say about myself I need to go to a mirror, look myself right in the eye and say the not so nice thing-and immediately replace it with 2 kind things.

Where did all of this self-judgment come from? Why are we so hard on ourselves? I'm doing my best to make changes every day. I love what Kelly suggested! It's about acknowledge how we treat ourselves and repairing the relationship.

What do you do to deal with judgment? Either from yourself or others?

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  • So well said. Expectations run high and comments leave an imprint. If your not equipped.


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