Do You Have a Sunrise Intuition?

I had an intuitive sense even before leaving my house that the sunrise would be a spectacle of colors. Although the horizon isn't visible from my window, I had a hunch that the scattered clouds would permit the sun's rays to penetrate and paint a breathtaking backdrop as it ascended. Sending a quick text to my photo buddy as I hopped into the car, I made my way to Piper's Lagoon in a flutter of excitement.Pink dawn sky at the beach

Upon arrival, the beach was deserted, and the sky adorned a soft pink hue. With measured and deliberate steps, I alternated between capturing photos and immersing myself in the present moment. Along the shore, I spotted a couple of moon jellyfish, mentally noting their presence for a future swim. It felt incredible to bear witness to such natural beauty, all before the clock struck 5 AM. As the colors transitioned from pink to yellow, a few more friends joined us, eager to share in the enchantment of the sunrise.Moon jellyfish

The gentle rhythm of the waves lapped against the shore, and finally, the sun emerged above the coastal mountains. Its luminous glow resembled the golden hour at sunset, casting a radiant light upon the faces of my companions. On our walk back, I gathered a handful of sea glass, filling my pockets with these ocean treasures.

The timing was perfect for a swim, with the inviting water and a rare calmness in the wind. Armed with a pool noodle, my friend and I embraced the water. We bobbed along with the gentle waves as the sun disappeared behind the passing clouds.

As I sifted through the abundance of photos, gratitude washed over me for the multitude of choices before me. The sky had transformed so dynamically within the span of an hour, and I felt blessed to have been present to capture its ever-changing beauty. Choosing only one to share isn't easy, although it does give me a library of resources for future rainy days.

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