Capturing Splash Photos With Your Smartphone

Let's venture behind the scenes, and I'll unveil the secrets behind capturing my splash photos. There's a handful of crucial factors to contemplate when setting up these shots.

First and foremost, let's gauge the tide. The tide's position can either make or break the shot. A very high tide can be ideal when there's driftwood at the tide line, but it might require some acrobatics to get a good angle behind the logs. On the flip side, a low tide with a sloping beach can work wonders. You might need the help of a friend to roll a piece of driftwood down to the water's edge.

Now, what about the waves? Surprisingly, you don't need surfable waves for stunning splash photos. Sometimes, even a gentle wave action can produce captivating results. Consider the timing of the waves, like the ferry's wake. At Piper's Lagoon, it takes about ten minutes for the waves to reach the shore after the ferry's passage on its way to Departure Bay.

Thirdly, we must factor in the time of the rising sun. This crucial element helps us pinpoint the perfect spot on the beach and prevents us from wasting precious moments sitting or squatting in the wrong place. I've discovered that the sweet spot for capturing splash photos lies within a window of about 10-15 minutes before the official sunrise time. Attempting it outside of this timeframe often leaves you with insufficient light to clearly catch those delightful splashes.

Let's not forget the comfort aspect. Unless your knees are like my teenage daughter's you'll probably want to settle in on the beach behind the logs. In the winter, my trusty long down jacket doubles as insulation from the wet pebbles. If the beach is a sandy terrain, you might need something waterproof to sit on. The name of the game is getting as close as you can to the action without being in the splash zone.

For my fellow smartphone enthusiasts, here's a tip: flip your camera upside down and switch to 2x zoom. This helps you get closer to the action without the risk of getting drenched - most of the time.

Lastly, capturing these moments takes a dose of patience and impeccable timing. I've often snapped 50 shots to get just one or two with the spectacular splashes I'm aiming for.

When I return home, it's time for the editing process. A quick perusal to cherry-pick a few favorites, and then I use PicMonkey right on my phone for some straightforward edits. I zoom in, ensuring the sun remains the focal point; I enhance the vibrant sunrise colors and mitigate the shadows. Voilà! You're all set to embark on your own splash photo adventure. Ready to give it a shot?

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