A Love Letter to Myself

This weekend, I spent three amazing days at the virtual Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing (NWM) Event and was blown away by the incredible women who shared there stories with us. Alongside the top earners in our profession, we heard from Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dr. Shefali, Marie Forleo, Elena Cardone, Jamie Kern Lima, Cat Hoke and Lisa Nicols. I have almost 40 pages of notes and my notebook is FULL SIZED! There's a lot to share with you, today I'll be sharing an exercise that I learned from Loren Lahav, one of our NWM leaders. She told us to write a love letter to ourselves. I took her advice and wrote this on the weekend:


Love letter to myself, written by my Guardian Angel.

Dear Julie,
You are capable of great and wondrous things.
You are made of stardust and a child of God.
I forgive you for the mistakes you've made, yes even those ones.
I love your body and every way that it carries you through this life.
I see your pain and your struggles and I want you to know that I'm with you when times are hardest.
You are a powerful influencer and inspire people to wake up with gratitude.
You know the value of each day and you're doing your best to make each day better than the last.
I love how you continue to learn and invest in yourself.
I see how you take risks and do silly things even though you're worried about what others might say.
It doesn't matter what they think about you, I know about your unique gifts and your passions.
I'm proud of you for your career choices and that you're willing to do what most people aren't in order to create freedom for your family.
You're on the right path and everything is unfolding in your greatest and highest good.
I love you.
Your Guardian Angel.

Will you write yourself a love letter?

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