Manifest Your Best Year Ever

Manifest Your Best Year Ever

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Year after year, my clients and I have been using the process you’ll learn during this webinar to create our lives.

This Program Includes:

  • 3 Hour (recorded) workshop
  • Workbook that you can print out before the session begins, and you will complete it during the webinar
  • A solid vision and plan for manifesting your dreams
  • Strategies including how to use gratitude and ‘acting as if’ to create your vision throughout the year
This process is proven to work! I also use this method in my own life. My family and I manifested a move across Canada using this very process! 

Not only did we have to sell our home in Ontario, my husband had to find a new job (he was not transferred) and we had to find a new home in British Columbia. It all came together in 24 hours, and a month later we were living in our home in B.C. My husband started his new job two weeks before Christmas, on the same day as our daughter started at her new school. I am so excited to share this amazing process with you!


    'Thank you Julie. I enjoyed the exercises and it was good to visualize my vision both long term and short term~ I already experienced how powerful the gratitude journal is and I will continuously write in it and be diligent to achieve my goals. I am super excited for the upcoming year'

     - Kerri Choi