Driftwood Sunrise at Piper's Lagoon
Driftwood Sunrise at Piper's Lagoon

Driftwood Sunrise at Piper's Lagoon

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The one worth waiting for

Jan 22, 2023

I woke up feeling cold. I slept with my window open and noticed that the temperature had dropped overnight. I didn't want to get out from under the blankets but I knew that this morning would be the best chance to see a sunrise in a while.

My dashboard warned me that the roads could be slippery. I made it safely to the beach at Piper's Lagoon where the temperature was closer to 4°C with a wind blowing in from the north.

The time between dawn and sunrise was filled with changing clouds patterns and different colours, a bit more muted than expected and still beautiful. I found the driftwood to be a good subject for this capture. I tucked myself in behind the large piece and enjoyed the shelter from the wind for a few moments.

Available as an 11"x14" print

Canvas at 24" x 36" 

Notecard at 5"x 4.5"
































































This print does well as an 11×14 minimum size. I would also recommend canvas - it would be a welcome addition to any bla Winter sunrise nk wall.
































































Send me a message to find out what other options are available.