Pre-Summer Gut Reset 2022
Pre-Summer Gut Reset 2022
Pre-Summer Gut Reset 2022
Pre-Summer Gut Reset 2022
Pre-Summer Gut Reset 2022
Pre-Summer Gut Reset 2022
Pre-Summer Gut Reset 2022
Pre-Summer Gut Reset 2022

Pre-Summer Gut Reset 2022

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What is the Pre-Summer Gut Reset?

This is a program about you: paying attention to what you are putting into your body every day and how you treat yourself. It’s understanding how different foods make you feel and how they affect your personal digestion.

Our Gut Reset invites you to make changes to the food you are eating and become aware of how to Reset many aspects of your life.

What this program is not: This is not a detox, cleanse or diet. There is no cheating or making mistakes. Food has no moral value - there are no bad foods and no clean foods either.

Think of this as a science experiment for your body. What foods are nourishing for you? What type of movement feels good? How do I feel after meditating?

Ready to join us?

We start together on May 25th and end of June 24th, 2022

These live workshops are included in the program:

  • Eating for Emotional Health with Erin Martin, Certified NeuroHealth Coach
  • How Gratitude Affects Gut Health with Julie Boyer, Gratitude & Gut Health Expert
  • Making delicious Joy Bombs treats with Erin Martin
  • 10 Ways to Prepare for a Successful Gut Reset with all program coaches
  • What to do after the Reset?

Weekly movement options, live via Zoom:

  • Yin Yoga with Cathy Skelcher, Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Accessible Yoga with Varenka Schawrz, Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Fitness with Andrea MacDougall, Certified Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor
  • Plus 4 Gratitude Meditations with Julie Boyer and a Hypnotherapy session with Erin Martin

With personal coaching sessions:

  • Your program coach will meet with you via Zoom for 30 minutes when you enroll
  • Bonus of 2 additional 15-minute weekly coaching sessions

Plus all you need to stay organized:

  • Guidebook & Recipe book with meal plans and shopping list
  • Pre and post Reset questionnaire
  • Personalized daily plan
  • Google calendar for the program 
  • Weekly program checklist

And specific supplements to support your gut & overall well-being:

  • Complete daily multi - Vita Antioxidants and Core Minerals
  • Liver support supplements (Hepa Plus/Hepasil)

All supplements will be provided by USANA Health Sciences and ship directly to your door. You will receive up to a $111 CND credit on product purchases. Each client will receive individual recommendations (as needed).

All of this incredible value for ONLY $279 CND - with up to $111 rebate on USANA Supplements.

Our community is connected via a private Facebook group, where all program events & workshops will be available for viewing. You'll connect with our program coaches and other gut reset participants though the group and our live events, for even more support. Events and workshop times vary, with a mix of early morning and evening to accommodate all North American time zones.

Program closes on May 25th.